Who Will Weep For Me

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Being half-Jewish-half-Italian in 1950’s high school complicates life for Massachusetts
Medford High Schooler Michael Waxman. Both Italians and Jews share clannish ethnic bonding as minorities. High-schooler Waxman finds identity with four close Jewish teenage friends through a Hebrew youth organization called the AZA. Any anti-Semitism by Italian teens is countered by Waxman’s friend and gangster classmate, Carli Santo, who allies with Waxman and his four Jewish friends.

In parallel time, Boston Latin School student Edmund Sorelli lives in Italian East Boston
with his blonde unwed nurse mother. Sorelli studies hard as an outlet for his isolation and sense of non-family as his mother frequents bars, men, and booze on Saturday nights. Rosaly Sorelli doesn’t know who Edmund’s father was and doesn’t care. He vows to punish her and any girl at Boston Latin who behaves like his mother.

After graduation, the five bonded Medford High students continue to meet on a monthly basis at a local College Deli. Each member has chosen a career path in which three are still in college. Michael Waxman is now a third-year medical student. Carli Santo, the only non-Jew, had been in the auto-mechanical vocational high school program and apprenticed to a mob-connected chop-shop auto dealer. The female of the group, Deborah Sterling is a young single nurse.

Edmund Sorelli leaves the Army Military Police with a trail of three murders in Europe–each victim a young blond nurse. Sorelli becomes Boston’s serial strangler, killing young nurses who are mirrors of his mother. The efforts of the Boston Police and the FBI to identify and find Sorelli are futile.

Life appears stable for all until Michael Waxman stares aghast at the projected slides of
the 7th murder victim of the “Boston Stocking Killer” during forensic pathology class. It’s
Deborah Sterling. Waxman brings the news to an emergency meeting at the College Deli. From the gloom of grief comes a resolve to seek out and destroy their close friend’s murderer. Waxman and his two other academic friends, along with Carli Santo and Santo’s mob connections, set out to identify and trap Deb Sterling’s murderer.