Ocean City HQ


Congress approved the new mission for the SEALs. It was based on the evidence you
and others have sent from Iraqi and Afghanistan interrogations that terrorists are here from
overseas battlefields.” Navy Captain Paul Spada and Congress thus set Islamic extremists
already in the US as military targets. It was the persistence of Navy SEALS like CDR Wilson
Dakin that brought this about.

The Navy SEALs become the combat arm of the CIA, DEA, and FBI, under the
command of Captain Spada and CDR Wilson Dakin. Their mission is to eliminate all Islamic
extremists who have infiltrated this country before they start killing American citizens. Dakin’s Headquarters is in Ocean City, Maryland.

Their actions begin in Boston’s MIT, followed by a major confrontation in Las Vegas.
The major US battle is yet to come and it’s in Scottsdale, Arizona. A merge of al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS assemble a pilgrimage of non-extreme Muslim worshipers to meet in Scottsdale. They are to face MECCA and show Americans they are indeed peaceable people. The jihadist plan is to kill all 100,000 thousand of them, to evoke terror, and polarize the world as pro-and-anti-Islam. It is a set up for war just like WWII with its fascists and anti-fascists–a new Axis and Ally confrontation which can result in WWIII.