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U.S. NAVAL HOSPITAL presents 8 short stories of real life happenings to patients and staff during wartime. Central Park has three marine patients testing their recovery by allowing New York City muggers to attack them. Lexington and Thomas Jefferson depicts the author as a Navy Medical Officer caught up in the bureaucracy of a wartime mindset. When the Vietnam War ends the author faces Navy law prosecution for seemingly trivial circumstances in A Tale of Two Boats. The Man In White about a wounded warrior in a total body cast presents an epidemiological nightmare to the hospital commander. You won’t believe how much trouble a wounded marine sergeant creates for himself in The Tattoo. A noted Navy chest surgeon takes up a bow and arrow to stalk his wife’s lover from Central Park in Arrows in the Night. The most outrageous and frightening episode for the author because it really happened to him is revealed in Peter and the Wolf. St. Albans, Boston and Portsmouth New Hampshire Naval Hospitals all vie for unusual situations with life in a military medical society.