As a retired physician I’m devoting my time to writing novels, memoir-based fiction and short stories. My life as an author of fiction began in 2003 after a few years at Toastmasters International delivering captivating stories and speeches. I believe literature should be educational, fun, serious, full of feelings and always with a touch of fantasy and a thread of truth. Like all my novels true lifetime situations are interwoven with suspenseful and intriguing story lines. My 13 novels and short story book bear that philosophy out. Reviews of my books in Amazon.com have been 5-star. Comments for WHO WILL WEEP FOR ME such as “high school coming of age makes the story feel authentic and make the reader want more” is typical of reader satisfaction.

I live with my wife in San Antonio near my daughter and her family with four of my grandchildren. My goal as an author is to publish several novels a year with my novel portraying terrorism in the US, – OCEAN CITY HQ – recently published..