The Druid Stone

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The High Priest hologram spirit of Stonehenge follows NY Times reporter Morgan Kane after a short UK tour. Kane and Library of Congress worker Martha Sorel are united as terrorists try a media intimidation to set the United Nations into two camps. The U.S. president does not want to see a world divided into pro-and con-terrorist country identification. It would define an Ally-Axis stance and set up conditions for WW III. Iran does want this and aims its deadly “test” missile at DC to force even Islamic countries to take a terrorist stand or perish.

Holthar the high priest of Stonehenge appears to Kane and Sorel to use the only weapon that can save civilization–the power of light. Kane learns about the individual light spectra which can counter his enemies. Light emerges from his palms and eyes as rays of red, orange, green or yellow and each with a specific effect. Kane must reach Tehran to thwart its missile launch and finds an even more intense plot afoot. Only his role as the Chosen Templar of the Druid can save civilization if he doesn’t get killed as ordinary human Morgan Kane.